A Commitment to the Future

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Closing Plenary
Date: Friday, October 11th
Time: 4:00 – 6:00 PM

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A dance group giving us a cultural exhibition.

The Closing Plenary, held as the concluding session 11 of the 2013 Partnerships against Poverty Summit on Friday, October ensured that the Summit’s influence and impact will continue far beyond its three days in Manila. Several awards were presented and recognition given to industry leaders who are making great strides in alleviating poverty around the globe. Delegates came away with new ideas, resources, partners, and inspiration to help their work in reaching deeper into poverty. Bridget Dougherty, senior program associate with Truelift, emphasized, “It is not just about end points or highest achievers, it is really about the journey and the pathway—and all of the progress that is made along the way.”

Carmen Velasco and Dougherty announced the Truelift awards to the first three of seven Milestone MFIs that have undergone the Truelift Assessment, including the Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation (Philippines), Small Enterprise Foundation (South Africa), and Cashpor (India). As Dougherty explained, “Truelift is a trust mark to signify commitments to positive and enduring change for people to climb out of poverty.”

17 Campaign Commitments were announced in the Closing Plenary.

17 Campaign Commitments were announced in the Closing Plenary.

John Hatch, FINCA founder and Microcredit Summit Campaign co-founder, discussed the achievements of the microfinance movement as a whole, noting that that it has reached virtually every country in the world and emphasizing that no other movement has included as many women.

Hatch presented the “Partnerships against Poverty Summit Declaration,” dedicating the Microcredit Summit Campaign and its partners to the aim of ending extreme poverty by the year 2030, which was adopted by all of the delegates at the 2013 Summit. The Summit Declaration states that “poverty will not be ended by a single organization, but by the collective achievements of thousands of individuals and initiatives, collaborations and partnerships.”

The concluding session of the Summit also launched the Campaign Commitments, a new and exciting initiative led by the Campaign’s 100 Million Project. Campaign Commitments are specific, measurable and time bound actions to reach further down the poverty scale and more effectively facilitate clients’ movement out of poverty.

Seventeen Campaign Commitments, led by a diverse group including the Yunus Centre, Social Performance Task Force (SPTF), FINCA, and AGFUND, were announced. Each Campaign Commitment is a promise to help 100 million families lift themselves out of severe poverty. By stating publicly the actions that we are taking to help reach the end of poverty, we will build greater transparency and increase accountability to each other in following through on the Commitments we’ve made.

The Commitment to the Future
The closing session represented the culmination of three days of intensive engagement, learning, and the formation of new partnerships. The work that took place here is not an isolated moment, but rather a moment in history when the industry has rededicated itself to the mission of using microfinance as one of the important tools of our time for bringing about the end of extreme poverty. That end is in sight in the words of Jim Kim. New partnerships have been formed and existing ones strengthened, and all are poised to begin the hard work of reaching that end with renewed vigor now that the end goal can be seen.

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Join the Campaign and state what specific, measurable, and time-bound actions your organization will commit to completing to reach the 100 Million Goal and help us take a major step toward ending poverty by 2030. For more information or to make a commitment, please write to mycommitment@microcreditsummit.org

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  2. Great to hear that the Microcredit Summit Campaign persists in furthering the fight against poverty. Thanks for your continuing creation of innovative and exciting ways to reduce the number of people living in poverty. Know that you are an inspiration for my commitment to advocate in Australia for microfinance opportunities to support the billions of people still in need.

  3. Having met both Muhamad Yunus and John Hatch, I remain inspired by their visions and their achievements. As one of the presenters said: microfinance borrowers create employment, not seek it.

    In the war on poverty, this a welcome form of hand up for the 3 billion people around our world who try to live on US$1.25 each day.

    We in the wealthy west have much to share in our joint commitment to the future of our planet.

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